Sub-lets & Assignments

On occasion, companies need to exit leased premises prematurely; this might happen for a number of different reasons. They might have financial problems, may have found a more suitable base that they need to move into quickly or may have a dispute with a landlord. If you are tied to a lease but cannot stay where you are for any reason, your best option may be to sublet or assign your office to someone else.

It’s worth nothing that there are some crucial differences between subletting and assigning. If you assign a lease to someone else, you no longer have any responsibilities to a building, whereas you retain them if you sublet it. If you need to leave but don’t know what your options are or what to do next, get in touch with Soho Office Space.

We have the influence and expertise needed to negotiate with landlords. If you’re about to sign a lease, but need to protect yourself should you ever need to leave unexpectedly, we can help you arrange terms that will allow you to do this. We can come up with arrangements that benefit everyone and find a tenant to take over your office.

Landlords tend to prefer sublets due to the fact that the original tenant remains responsible for the property even after they leave. They may be wary of letting a tenant into a space if they don’t know anything about them. We can help you if you need to assign or sublet your office out to someone else – or if you’re looking for space to take over. Talk to us today if you need to negotiate a subletting or assignment arrangement.

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