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Are you currently looking to buy an office space or office building in Soho? 

Buying an office building in London is a great opportunity to invest in a commercial property which is likely to appreciate in value over time, provide rental income and diversify your portfolio. Soho Office Space are a local property consultancy based in London’s Soho Square. Unlike Soho’s commercial property estate agents we only work with buyers and tenants, not sellers, which means that if you are looking for a commercial property for sale we will only represent your interests to get the best commercial investment property for you at the best price.

What services do we offer?

Commercial Property Search in Soho

Soho Office Space are a commercial property agency with years of experience conducting commercial property searches for buyers and tenants alike in Soho. We know the market inside out and can find you properties from a wide range of our offices for sale in Soho and can advise you on what type of Soho office building would best meet your needs.

What’s more because we also work with commercial property tenants, we understand what sort of office spaces are in demand and what sort of rental rates a commercial tenant may be able to yield.


Price Negotiation on the Offices for Sale

We adopt a client for life mentality and only represent the buyer. This means we know how to negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible price and have zero tolerance towards agents that try to overcharge buyers. We can also advise you on any relevant tax obligations you may encounter during the process.

Handling the process

As well as the commercial property search and sale, Soho Office Space are also experienced at handling all communications with middlemen including: solicitors, bankers and agents, in a way that is advantageous to the buyer. After you have brought the property we can also project manage other processes on your behalf such as refurbishing the Soho office building.

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