Commercial Lease Renewals

Serviced offices in Soho

Feeling at home in your current Soho office space? We can negotiate the lease renewal to get better terms for you.

Getting a lease renewal or lease extension on a commercial property in Soho

If you are currently renting a Soho office space, or commercial property in Soho and your lease is coming to an end, commercial tenants (with the exception of some sectors) have the right to apply for a lease renewal, or lease extension of their occupied premises.

Soho Office Space are a Soho based commercial property consultancy firm, that have the experience, influence and legal expertise needed to help you arrange fair terms and rates on your commercial property lease renewal or lease extension.

What lease renewal and lease extension services can we provide for commercial tenants in Soho?

  • Provide you with in depth advice on how to extend a lease on a commercial property
  • Help you restructure your lease terms to get you a better deal on your rental rates and other terms of lease.
  • Negotiate the lease renewal or lease extension of a commercial property on your behalf.

We can also offer legal advise and fight your corner if the landlord does not initially accept your lease renewal request.

Because Soho Office Space only work for commercial tenants, we guarantee we will only work for you when extending a lease and won’t leave you in the dark about any developments during the lease renewal process.

Don’t leave it too long if your current lease is up for renewal. Actions we can take on your behalf to make your life easier include proposing terms and rates that everyone will be happy with and responding to any notices from your landlord on your behalf. We are based in Soho and can work with businesses in Soho, Mayfair, London’s West End as well as the Greater London area.

For more information about our commercial property lease renewal service get in contact with one of our property advisers today. Email Penny or call 0203 434 3872.