Rent Reviews

What is a rent review?

If you feel the price you’re currently paying for your Soho office space is unrealistically and unfairly high, talk to us today. At Soho Office Space, we’re here to help if you’re eager to bring your rates down to something more affordable and have an excellent track record when it comes to negotiating Soho office rent. Our fearless team are determined to help you arrange fairer prices, so get in touch today if you require a rent review for your London or Soho office or its time for a lease renewal. We can help you whether you’re a tenant or head lessee.

office space in Soho
A rent review will determine whether you’re paying a fair price for your office space in Soho

About the rent review process

During the rent review process Soho Office Space go the extra mile to help our clients secure fairer prices. We can arrange fairer terms and rates on your behalf and have years of experience in negotiating successfully with landlords. Count on us to reduce your exposure to rent increases and make your relationship with your landlord better than ever. We strive for outcomes where all concerned are happy with, whilst making sure that landlords are happy with the revenue being generated too. Speak to us today about conducting an office space rent review in London’s Soho and the surrounding area.

What services are included in the rent review?

  • Acting when upwards rent reviews are proposed and working tirelessly towards best value outcomes
  • Negotiating outcomes when rent reviews are appropriate, again striving for the best value
  • Liaising with landlords and tenants to reach agreements everyone benefits from. Even when initial negotiations have failed, we still work hard to get results.


Get in touch with us today for help in arranging fair lease renewals and rent reviews.

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