Schedule of Conditions

It’s incredibly unwise to agree to move into any commercial building before you’ve had a look at an up-to-date Schedule of Condition. A Schedule of Condition tells you whether there is any structural damage and whether any repairs need to be made, and you can arrange one by getting in touch with Soho Office Space. We can arrange a detailed Schedule of Condition to help you make an informed judgement on whether you should move into a property or not. What’s also useful about a Schedule of Condition is that it can clear up any future disputes with your landlord and prevent you from being blamed for something that wasn’t your fault.

Schedule of Conditions will generally feature both text and images. It will report the internal (and sometimes external) condition of a building. Whether you’re moving into a building for a few months or a couple of years, we can help you obtain a Schedule of Condition before you sign a lease.

Here are the two types of commercial lease.

  • FRI (Fully Repairing and Insuring): When an FRI is in place, a tenant has to keep the exterior and interior of a building in good condition.
  • IRI (Internally Repairing and Insuring): With an IRI, a tenant only has to look after the interior.

A Schedule of Condition will usually reveal it worth at the end of a tenancy when disputes are most likely to come to the surface. When you refer back to the document, you’ll be able to find out whether you were or weren’t responsible about any damage. Talk to us today to arrange a Schedule of Condition in Soho.

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