Difference between serviced and leased offices

There are many differences between serviced and leased offices. Whilst a serviced office may be ideal for one company, it may be completely wrong for another. Whether you’re looking for a serviced office featuring everything you will need to start doing business already set up for you, or looking for a long-term home that you’ll need to furnish yourself, Soho Office Space can help. We can help you to decide whether to look for a serviced or leased office.

In a serviced office, all prices are transparent and all facilities are included in the rate that you pay. You usually pay a fixed fee every month and shouldn’t have to worry about hidden chares. Serviced offices tend to be great for companies that are in state of transition or start-ups, though many established businesses often use serviced offices too, sometimes for short-term projects. A leased office may be ideal if you are ready to base yourself somewhere for a number of years, but you will be responsible for funding and maintaining computers, IT networks and furniture whilst paying for fit-outs as well as keeping the interior – and possibly even the exterior of the building in good condition. Nonetheless, a leased office is the best option for many companies, and you will be able to put your own stamp on the space.

We’re waiting to hear from you if you’re looking for a serviced or leased office in Soho. We can negotiate the best terms and rates with landlords on your behalf and never stop until we have secured a deal that everyone is happy with. What’s more is that we can ensure you’re only paying for resources, space and facilities you’ll actually be using. Talk to us today if you need guidance on finding serviced or leased offices in Soho.

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